Felling and Tree Removal

If you have an emergency job due to storms or high winds, call 0410 422 570 immediately and you be put directly through to one of our experienced tree/branch removalists.

We remove unwanted trees and branches as well as fallen ones as a result of storm damage and strong winds.  We remove large trees, small ones or even clear land to make room for your dream home!

Why choose SWTC:

  • Barricades, Safety Tape or Safety Officer utilised as needed
  • Tree Removal Planning (to avoid damage to property)
  • High quality equipment to ensure FAST, EFFICIENT tree removal
  • Highly Trained Expert Tree Loppers
  • On-site Team Leader
  • Able to access difficult to reach trees
  • $10M Liability Insurance
  • Competitive rates and free quotes

At SWTC, we belive tree removal planning is vital to the success of the job. We do this to ensure safety of people and property whilst also determining the fastest and most efficient way to remove a tree. Doing this properly saves us time and money and ultimately allows us to provide competitive quotes without compromising safety.

Once a tree has been cut down and removed, we can optionally leave behind useful mulch that you can use to reduce weeds and water evaporation on garden beds. Before we complete the job, we clean up leaving your yard looking clean and tidy.

Have a look at our Facebook page for some fabulous  photos, videos and outstanding client references of our work!


For your piece of mind, if an unthinkable event does occur and your property is damaged, we'll get it fixed.  Our $10m liability insurance has got you covered.


Have a tree fallen in a unusual location?   Need a tree removed in a hard to get at area?  No problem, we have seen it all!  At SWTC, we have made a large investment in tools and equipment to ensure we remove trees quickly and efficiently.


Why not put us to the test and give us an opportunity to quote on your tree removal.     If you already have a quote, let us know and give SWTC an opportunity to beat it!   You may be pleasantly surprised!  Please note, we won't compromise our standards to beat a competitors quote.


For a free quote or to speak to one of our consultants call Sydney Wide Tree Cutting now on (02) 9785 4084.