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Sydney Wide Tree Cutting can efficiently turn brush piles into usable mulch. Our whole tree wood chippers can handle branches, limbs and trees up to 50 centimetres in diameter.

Our heavy duty equipment quickly handles any tree or brush removal job, no matter how large or how small. 

Why Use Mulch?

  • Mulches prevent loss of water from the soil; therefore, reducing the need for watering.
  • Organic mulches can improve the soil structure. As the mulch decays, the material becomes topsoil. Decaying mulch also adds nutrients to the soil.
  • Mulches reduce the growth of weeds.
  • While there are many types of mulch, organic mulches help improve the soil by adding organic matter as they decompose.
  • They also may encourage the growth of worms and other beneficial soil organisms that can help improve soil structure and the availability of nutrients for plants.

Benefits of Using Mulch

  • Returns nutrients to the soil and improves soil structure. This means your lawn and gardens will require less fertilizer and other additives.
  • The mulch lowers the soil's exposure to the sun and wind which reduces evaporation and the need for watering.
  • Helps slow the growth of weeds. Add two to four inches of mulch to gardens to reduce the need for herbicides.
  • Acts as insulating barrier from the heat in the summer, cold in the winter and from the wind. Mulch insulates the roots of perennials, protecting them against the freeze thaw cycles.
  • Prevents compaction and erosion of soils.
  • Helps to prevent tree trunk injury by mowers and trimmers.
  • Leaf and grass mulching saves you time and money. By managing your leaves and grass at home, you save time bagging leaves and you reduce the need to buy yard waste bags.


Mulching Tips

Many wood and bark mulches are composed of fine particles and should not be more than five to seven centimeters deep. Coarse-textured mulches such as pine bark nuggets allow good air movement through them and can be as deep as four inches.

Mulches composed of grass clippings or shredded leaves should not be deeper than two inches, because these materials tend to mat together, restricting the water and air supply to plant roots.

A two-inch layer of pine needles makes excellent mulch for acid-loving trees and shrubs. It allows water to penetrate easily.


When to Mulch

The best time to place mulch around new plantings is right after they are planted, because it helps to conserve moisture in the roots of the new plant until the roots have grown out.

Mulch is best applied in early spring for established plants. This is when plants are starting to grow and before weeds start to germinate.

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